New Dimension for Urban Life

Flyvercity provides critical component for UTM ecosystem, connectivity related services based on 5G infrastructure.

Our technology is leveraging the potential of the next-generation cellular technology to provide new generation of UTM services based on safety.

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Our Services

In partnership with mobile network operators, which support quality-of-service (QoS) infrastructure, we provide unmanned traffic management services to enable dense drone operations in urban or suburban areas.

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Aerial Connection

Aerial authorisation, compliant with GSMA recommendations, adds additional level of security for aerospace usage.

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Enhanced Navigation

New level of navigation integrity based on mobile positioning technology allows to conduct more efficient and safe operations.

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Tactical Deconfliction

Collision avoidance of multiple drones of different operators is the key enabling technology for dense unmanned flights.

Our Target Audience

Concepts of urban drone operations require many stakeholders to work together and partner with each other to create a safe and efficient approach to air mobility. We encourage all players in the value chain to design future ecosystem together with us!

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UTM Services

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Mobile Network Operators

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Our Management Team

We are Israel-based versatile team with a rich background in the aerospace management, system engineering, development of software solutions, and aviation standards.

Our Partners

Hellenic Drones




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Our Office Location

Netanya, Israel

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+972 53-361-7358

We partitipated in the Urban Air Mobility Hub in Eindhoven High-Tech Campus AI Innovation Center, and joined this project as a Technology Partner.

22 Nov 2022 - EUROCAE WG-105 Plenary #11

Our co-founder and CTO Boris Resnick took part in the Plenary meeting of EUROCAE WG-105 in Paris, where the Group gathered many European experts to handle such topics as Detect-and-Avoid, Command-and-Control, UTM, Design and Airworthiness, and SORA.

We at Flyvercity are excited to announce that we were selected to participate in the Sustainable Aero Lab session on December 1!

Flyvercity were welcomed among Eurocae members family.

Flyvercity becomes member of Global UTM Association. This step is implementation of our long-term strategy for active engagement in the standardization and regulatory frameworks.